Question 01

What traffic agency do you work for?

Question 02

How many traffic signals do you manage?

Question 03

What percentage of traffic signals are connected?

Question 04

What factors does your agency take into account when assessing traffic quality?

Question 05

What are your top three obstacles to improving traffic quality?

(Limit 3 Selections)

Question 06

Describe your agency’s ITS plan or Traffic Signal Management Plan.

A. What type of ITS Master Plan do you have?

B. How recently was your ITS Master Plan developed?

C. How on schedule is your ITS Master Plan?

D. How on track is your funding?

Question 07

Which of these 10 technologies are in your agency’s ITS solution stack?

No, But We’d Like To
Active Operation

Wireless Connectivity
Adaptive Signal Control
Advance Detection
Bluetooth/Wifi Traffic Probe
Dynamic Message Signs
Signal Performance Measures
Transit Priority
ATMS/Central System
V2V/V2I Communication
Third Party Traffic Data
(Waze or Inrix)

Question 08

Does your agency use performance measures?

A. Intersection Performance
B. Corridor Performance
C. Maintenance Efficiency

Question 09

Is sharing data a priority for your agency?

A. Within the transportation agency?
B. Across city departments?
C. With citizens and external stakeholders?

Question 10

Please provide any other information about your city’s Traffic Smarts or general feedback about this survey.